Approve custom offers

Bi4OfferApp – creates a bidding system that you send to your customers

Approve custom offers

If you work with larger offers for individual customers, it is good to have the materials/information in one place. Our application is used to register and manipulate documents that result in offers such as demand, internal calculation, the wording of the contract, … Executives then have easier control over what they sign. The app can go back to history and reliably illustrate how the offer documents have evolved and who added comments.

Main features of the product:

  • maximum simplicity
  • a single place for business offers
  • approval of individual steps by internal users - trader, engineer, managing director
  • user comment record - non-returnability of key steps
  • possibility to return to an older version of the entire offer - no need to solve versions of individual documents
  • works on the principle of a workflow - through individual users with the transfer of responsibility
  • works on Microsoft Power Platform and Office 365
  • operation on all devices - PC, tablet and mobile - and on all current operating systems

Steps in application


Select a menu

Select a menu to process. The user can use an advanced filter to quickly navigate in the menu list. If s/he has permission to do so, s/he can create a new bid. The list works as a good overview for the manager to evaluate the status of the offer status is which offer. Whether it waits for approval, creation, or assignment.


Edit a offer

The user fills in the main menu data on the left side. On the right, s/he records individual documents that are attached to a set of documents. After each step change, the user must write an appropriate comment, which is displayed to everyone involved inside the company in each version. You can select and return to the previous version from the version list.


Edit an individual document

One-click can edit all documents from the entire set of files. Editing takes place directly in Office 365 — in a browser window, the entire set is automatically saved, as well as versions of individual documents. Documents are stored in SharePoint Online.

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