Agenda for service trips of technical support personnel

Bi4FSEApp – improves customer satisfaction with technical support call-outs and control over repair costs

How to manage the call-outs of technicians?

The outings of technicians always belong to costly activities. Our app determines who goes where and when. On-site or after from call-out, the worker fills in all service data such as used parts, time spent on the travel time, travel, and parts costs. A redefined call-out report is automatically sent to the customer for approval. If the worker does not fill in the relevant data within one business day, the application sends the mail to his supervisor who arranges the remedy. This ensures that the customer receives the information on time and does not contradict it over a longer period. The same information will go away to the billing department, which issues invoices under the content of the service intervention.

Main features of the product:

  • simple application for field workers with clear work instructions
  • clear calendar - where, where, when
  • instructive form for filling in the service intervention
  • automatically compilation and sending email to a customer in a well-readable HTML format
  • automatic notification of managers in the event of a delay of the serviceman
  • approval form for accountants
  • works on Microsoft Office 365 Power Platform - saved in SharePoint
  • operation on all devices - PC, tablet and mobile

Straps in application


Select tasks

Exit the planner screen. Basic overview and filtering of all exits. Creation of demand for a service trip. Defining basic parameters.


The planner who, when, where

Interactive planner for 10 days in advance. Displays key information about the movement of service technicians. Shows the order numbers, customer, location, and other information required for efficient planning.


Filling in basic exit data

One of the most important values of service intervention is human labor. Therefore, its record is the first thing that the technician must complete after the intervention has been made. Time is divided into travel and work on the site due to the different rates that the customer pays.


Material list

The service intervention uses material and the type and quantity must be recorded. If the service technician had additional expenses with the trip, he enters everything in the form.



Generate and send a report

The application currently has all the information to generate and send the final report to the customer. The accounting department can issue an. This whole process takes less one day and reduces the error rate on both sides.

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