Parking in the company car park

Bi4Park – improves parking availability in the company car park

How to improve employee satisfaction?

Corporate parking spaces are always less than you would need. Sometimes there’s room available when the staff leave all day. The others could park on them. But how do you make them agree? Use our Bi4ParkApp app.
One click will free up their space for the others, and another employee can book the place. The app sends a report to the doorman or parking manager, so he knows who’s coming.

Main features of the product:

  • maximum simplicity
  • easy unblocking of your own place
  • selection from the list of available parking sites where parking can be
  • a clear layout/overview of the calendar of vacancies in a given location
  • works on Microsoft Power Platform and Office 365
  • operation on all devices - PC, tablet and mobile - and on all current operating systems

Steps in application


Unblock space

The owner of a place who is entitled to parking in a company car park can unblock his place for another employee. The app knows who’s parked, so all you have to do is indicate the days when you won’t be present. Until someone has booked this place, the user can withdraw their decision, except for places marked with a cross that are already booked.


Choice of location, parking

The application is also ready for companies with multiple parking locations. The user can choose which location s/he is going to use and which is the default.


Select a date when I need to park

The user selects the date for which some parking space is available and presses “Save”.

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