Microsoft Power Platform and Office 365 Development

Agile development with PowerApps, Power Automate and SharePoint, development is faster and cheaper than on competing platforms

Why use Microsoft Power Platform?

For development, we use modeling tools where we start by designing the user experience, seen in the resulting product. This makes it possible to solve problems with visual tools without knowledge of complex programming languages.
As data storage, we mainly use SharePoint Online, where data is securely stored with access only for people with the right to access the application. This makes it possible to simply record the changes that the user makes on each item.

Power Automate is used to automate processes. Instead of writing complex codes, processes, and flows can be modeled using the show and click method. With more than 200 connectors, it is possible to connect to almost any data source.
More information on this technology is available at :

  • agile tailor-made development
  • open-source code for further editing
  • extremely rapid development in days
  • data under control in Microsoft Office 365 in customer tenant