Seats booking: simple solution for your reservation

Bi4 Approve HotSeating – solution for booking seats in your office

Use your office space efficiently. Thanks to seats booking

Many modern, progressive companies allow employees to choose which days they will go to the office. Thanks to this model, companies are optimizing the use of their space, a need that was further emphasized by the coronavirus pandemic. However, in order for office sharing to work, a high-quality functional application is necessary. It needs to be convenient, user-friendly, fast and reliable. And just such an application is Bi4 Approve HotSeating.

Bi4 Approve HotSeating allows employees to easily and conveniently book specific seat across a multi-storey building and within a single office. They can choose their seat in advance for a long time, thanks to this each employee has their own table and chair secured on the days that suit them best.

It is a highly effective tool, which allows companies to fully utilize their capacity, and at the same time a number of administrative tasks are eliminated. The application is convenient, easy to use and saves employees’ time and corporate finances.

Application administrators can set the maximum occupancy percentage, which is again advantageous especially at a time when a large number of people should not be associated in one place.

If booking seats in the office is exactly what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Features of Approve HotSeating app

The Bi4 Approve HotSeating application will be appreciated by all companies that want to use their offices or entire buildings most effectively. However, it is a particularly interesting benefit for companies that already use Microsoft 365 software (formerly Office 365). In order for the application to work, access to the tenant is required, so that companies working with Microsoft 365 software can take full advantage of the functions of the system they are already working with.

When purchasing this application, the client will receive its source code. He therefore has complete access to it and in the future he can make subsequent adjustments and changes himself and further adapt the application to his needs.

Other features:

  • The application is very easy to use and contains well-arranged support.
  • Within the application, the user can book his seat within several floors, buildings and cities. It is therefore suitable for smaller companies as well as for larger companies that have offices in different cities.
  • Each user has an overview of already reserved seats, so they can easily see which days they have booked a place in the office.
  • Limits: the number of reservations (Sharepoint limit) is 30 million, you can use the application for up to 2,000 cities / buildings and you can prepare up to 2,000 zones / locations / open space.
  • The recommended maximum number of seats on one floor / office is 50, in the case of a larger number, the selection of a place from the plan is no longer very clear, especially on a mobile phone. If you have more places, you can solve the situation by dividing it into 2 zones (for example, west and east).
  • A Microsoft 365 Business Basic license is enough to run the application.
  • The application is available in Czech, English, German, French and Spanish.

Application procedure


Seat reservation

In the list of reservations, the user can see on which day and on which floor the seat is reserved. He can reserve a seat for the next days or cancel the reservation for the selected floor. Green squares are days when the user does not have a seat reserved. Green “checks” are days when the user has a reserved seat on the floor. Blue “checks” mean a reserved space on another floor.


Choice of the zone

Within the application, the employee chooses the so-called zone. The zone can be cities in which your company has offices or individual buildings. The employee first chooses the desired zone (city) and then the specific floor in the building. At the same time, he sees how many vacancies remain in the given zone.


Reservations overview

Approve HotSeating has been developed to give employees maximum insight. In the list of their reservations, each user sees the days, seats and zones in which he made a reservation. If he decides not to go to the office on a certain day, he can easily delete this reservation with one click.


Support and explanations

Part of Approve HotSeating is also an overview page, where the individual elements of the application are clearly and clearly presented. This makes it easy for users to find their way around and the application will be easy for them to understand. At the same time, there is a form available, with the help of which they can send us their comments, suggestions for improvement and, of course, questions with any ambiguities.


Contact us

If you also want to allow your colleagues to walk comfortably to the office and book their seats easily and efficiently, let us know. We will be happy to introduce you to the Bi4 Approve HotSeating application in more detail. We are here for you on the telephone number +420 602 560 996, or by email:


Information on the price of the Bi4 Approve HotSeating application can be found in our price list.