Office reservations

Bi4OfficePlaces – solution for booking seats in your office

Do you need users to reserve jobs themselves?

Are you a modern, progressive company as a Czech branch of Microsoft? Do you want your employees to determine for themselves where they will sit on which day? Or did you have to limit traffic due to COVID-19? We have a solution for you in the form of our Bi4OfficePlaces application, which will allow you and your employees to efficiently book jobs.

  • multiple floors in one building
  • percentage definition of occupancy

Application procedure


Definition of floors

The application manager first defines the floors in the building and the number of seats on each floor. Instead of floors, it can use various open spaces, offices, or meeting rooms.


Definition of occupancy

If it is necessary to limit the number of seats on the floor, the occupancy percentage is defined. It is valid from the set date, always until the next set date. So if you need to limit traffic for a longer period of time, it is not necessary to define the percentage occupancy for each day, but you define occupancy only from the date when the status is to change.


Floor overview

In the overview by date, the user sees the total number of seats on each floor, the set percentage occupancy and also the number of available seats for reservations.


Seat reservation

In the list of reservations, the user can see on which day and on which floor the seat is reserved. He can reserve a place for other days or cancel the reservation for the selected floor. Green squares are days when the user does not have a place reserved. Green “pipes” are the days when the user has a reserved place on the floor. Blue “pipes” mean a reserved space on another floor.