Reservation of work and parking spaces

Approve Hot Seating & Parking – clear solution for booking seats in your company

Thanks to hot seating, you can reduce the company's costs by up to 50 % and increase employee satisfaction

The way companies work has changed significantly in recent years, and the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated these changes even more. The daily presence in the offices replaces the work from home and the partial home office. This approach is becoming increasingly popular in modern and progressive societies. Thanks to it, companies significantly save space costs, as well as the costs of electricity, water, refreshments for employees, etc. Employees appreciate that they can work more days from home, have a home office according to their needs and do not spend time commuting.

For example, if the company employs 80 people, but in reality only 20 of them go to the office, it is not necessary to reserve space for the mentioned 80 people. It is quite sufficient if there is a place in the office (or in the open space) for 20 employees who will take turns attending the company. However, for this option to work, a high-quality and reliable application is needed, in which employees will record their arrival at work.

For this purpose, we have developed the Approve Hot Seating & Parking application, which consists of two parts. Hot Seating makes it easy and convenient to book a job. Parking then booking a parking space. The aim of this application is to save the company money for unused space and unused parking spaces. And these are really significant amounts. Thanks to this application, one company will save CZK 40,000 per month for unused parking spaces.

The responsible persons can easily reserve specific places for visitors for a certain day, so the company does not have to have a certain number of places for employees and book special places for visitors.

If the reservation of seats in the office and parking spaces is exactly what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us directly. For more information about the price please have a look at our price list.

Approve Hot Seating & Parking procedure


Seat reservation

In the list of reservations, the user can see on which day and on which floor he has a seat reserved. He can reserve a place for the next days or cancel the reservation for the selected floor. The same principle works for booking a parking space. In addition, information on the quality of the job is available for each job. For example, if he has an adjustable table, two monitors, etc. At the same time, users can view already reserved seats and find out which colleague is sitting in which place.


The green squares in the application indicate the days when the user does not have a reserved seat. Green “pipes” are the days when the user has a reserved place on the floor. Blue “pipes” means a reserved space on another floor.




Zone selection

Within the application, the employee chooses the so-called Location. Locations can represent cities in which your company has offices or individual buildings. The employee therefore first chooses the desired location (city) and then the specific floor (Zone) in the building. At the same time, he sees how many vacancies remain in the given zone. Within the zones, you can also choose a specific parking lot for the company.

The zone also includes a map with the company’s address, which will make it easier for users to find their way around.


Overview of reservations

The Approve HotSeating & Parking application has been developed to provide employees with maximum overview. In the list of their reservations, each user sees the days, places and zones in which he made a reservation. If he decides not to go to the office on a certain day, he can easily delete this reservation with one click.


Bulk reservations

Within the application, selected persons (standardly, for example, receptionists, secretaries, etc.) can have a special approach, within which they can make group reservations to other people. Typically, for example, monthly reservations for managers, reservations for company visitors, etc.


Checking the places used

The primary goal of the Approve HotSeating & Parking application is to reduce the company’s costs for office space and rented parking spaces. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to control the real use of places. For this purpose, each workplace can be provided with a unique QR code and employees will confirm their presence in the office by scanning the QR code. The employer is thus sure that the reserved seats are actually used.


Support and explanations

A part of Approve HotSeating & Parking is also an overview page, where the individual elements of the application are clearly and clearly presented. This makes it easy for users to find their way around and the application to be easy to understand. At the same time, there is a form available, with the help of which they can send us their comments, suggestions for improvement and, of course, questions with any ambiguities.


Administrative part

Application administrators have an administration interface and can limit the capacity of the space within it. For example, due to pandemic restrictions, they will want to allow a maximum occupancy of 50% of the capacity, etc.


Contact us

If you also want to enable your colleagues to come to the office comfortably and book their seats easily and efficiently, let us know. We will be happy to introduce the Bi4 Approve HotSeating application to you in more detail. We are here for you on the phone number +420 602 560 996, or by email:

Approve HotSeating & Parking features

The Bi4 Approve HotSeating & Parking application will be appreciated by all companies that want to use their offices or entire buildings really efficiently. However, it is a particularly interesting benefit for companies that already use Microsoft 365 software (formerly Office 365). In order for the application to work, access to the tenant is required, so that companies working with Microsoft 365 software can take full advantage of the functions of the system they are already working with.


If the company does not yet use the Microsoft 365 software, but would like to work with the Approve HotSeating & Parking application, it can contact us and we would then agree on the next steps.


When installing on a tenant, the application source code is also installed. The customer has complete access to the application and in the future can make subsequent adjustments and changes himself and further adapt the application to his needs.


Microsoft has rated Approve Hot Seating & Parking as a seamless application built on the company’s technology. It has also been listed on the worldwide Azure Marketplace. Only applications that pass the Microsoft approval process are on this platform.


Other features:

  • The application is very easy to use and contains clear help.
  • The application is responsive and adapts to the interface of mobile phone, laptop and desktop.
  • Within the application, the user can book his place within several floors, buildings and cities. It is therefore suitable for smaller companies as well as for larger companies that have offices in different cities.
  • Each user has an overview of already reserved seats, so they can easily see which days they have booked a seat in the office.
  • Limits: the number of bookings (Sharepoint limit) is 30 million, you can use the application for up to 2,000 cities / buildings and you can prepare up to 2,000 zones / locations / open space.
  • The recommended maximum number of places on one floor / office is 50, in the case of a larger number, the selection of a place from the plan is no longer very clear, especially on a mobile phone. If you still have more places, the situation can be solved by dividing it into 2 zones (for example, west and east).
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic licenses are enough to run the application (if you have not purchased a Microsoft license, let us know and we will agree on the next step).
  • The application is available in Czech, English, German, French and Spanish.

Contact us

If you also want to enable your colleagues to walk comfortably to the office and easily and efficiently reserve their places or parking spaces, let us know. We will be happy to introduce the Bi4 Approve HotSeating & Parking application to you in more detail. We are here for you on the phone number +420 602 560 996, or by email:


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