Approving of incoming invoices

Bi4InApp – incoming invoices under control

Why to have invoice approval apps?

Knowing whether I can pay an invoice that has been proven to have been seen and approved by the person responsible for the project is the key to better management of the company. Approval is must be done in all companies. With our application, it is very pleasant and especially easy. The basis is to maintain order in payments to suppliers and to increase the responsibility of the project manager (center) for each invoice.

Main features of the product:

  • automatically include incoming invoices into the application
  • QR code loading and the possibility of convenient control and addition of other data
  • allocation of individual invoices to a given project
  • sending for approval by the relevant manager
  • checking approval before paying the invoice

Steps in application


Invoice arrival

The supplier sends an invoice, ideally with a QR code on The goal is to create a single place for all incoming invoices. Thus we guarantee that no invoice gets lost.

The invoice is downloaded from the e-mail address to the application and added to the list. If the invoice is sent to a different address, the solution is to redirect -email addresses. The paper invoice is simply scanned and sent to the central address.


Checking and supplementing the necessary data

Step 2 checks the correctness of the addressee and other data. The application can extract data from the QR code. The other data will then be completed manually by the application operator and he also checks the correctness of all data. An important thing is to assign an invoice to a specific project so that the system knows which manager should approve it.


Approval by the manager

The manager approves invoices on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. A preview of the invoice with the attached documents is available. Even after approval, it is always possible to return to and check your invoices. The manager agrees/disagrees or postpones the decision and attaches a comment. He can no longer withdraw his consent/disapproval!


Send for posting

After approval, the application manager sends the invoice to the accounting office.
The goal is to include only invoices without mistakes/errors, intended for reimbursement, to prevent the cancellation of internal numbers of received invoices.
The system prevents undue payment of invoices, the subject of which has not been delivered correctly.


Pre-payment check

It is very useful when paying before the reimbursement if the manager has accurate information at his about who and when approved the invoice. ” Big overview” serves precisely for this purpose and shows an overall look at/overview of the outgoing flows of money from the company. Excellent filtering is applied, including saving the most common filters.

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